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  Wood Lacquers

Widely used as base coat and top coat on wooden furniture and articles for high gloss, washability and amenability to spray painting.

Nitrocellulose based lacquers are used extensively in wood finish applications, particularly where a high quality finish is required. They dry rapidly, demonstrate excellent polishing properties and enhance the appearance of the grain in many varieties of wood. The lacquers are at their best in light duty applications, but can be modified to perform well in all areas by the addition of other resins or plasticisers.

Most wood finishes are based on high nitrogen grades of nitrocellulose. Nitrex nitrocellulose HX 30/50 is the most popular as it gives the best combination of low viscosity for easy application and high resistance to cold cracking.

Film Coating HX 315, HX 5/8, HX 8/13, HX 30/50
Sanding Sealer HX 30/50, HL 25/45, HM 10/25

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